Swap Byteball SNTR tokens to ERC20 Ethereum Silent Notary tokens.

Due to ICO Bot's malfunction during SilentNotary tokensale in accordance with the Token sale agreement (c. 2, 3) we use a Company offer price to calculate the amount of ERC20 tokens that must be exchanged for Byteball SilentNotary tokens. According to the offer, the price is 2 000 000 SNTR per 1 GBYTE + 30% discount, i.e. 1 SNTR = 0,00000035 GBYTE.

To swap your Byteball SNTR tokens please follow the instructions:

Create your Ethereum address you want to receive SNTR ERC20 tokens.

Open your Byteball wallet with address used to purchase tokens from ICO bot.

Press "SEND" button
Choose "Data" from "WHAT TO SEND:" menu
Type 'ETH' in field "Field"
type your ETH address in a field "Value"
Press "SEND" button
You will transit to "HISTORY" section automatically. Choose your last transaction.
Copy your Byteball address from field "To:" and send us by
e-mail to [email protected]