SilentNotary SNTR tokens:
usage, markets, exchanges and support.
SNTR is utility token designed to launch SilentNotary smart-contract. We use both the ERC20 Ethereum standard and the DAG based Byteball asset to utilize advantages of these platforms.

Token details
SNTR ERC20 token settings:
Token Symbol: SNTR
Decimals: 4
Etherscan info is here.
How can I use SNTR tokens?
All legal solutions, expertises and precedents are based on SilentNotary smart contract:


This smart contract for its operation is required by SNTR. Only the SNTR token holder can use the services of the contract. Please use public method "makePayableRegistration" of SilentNotary smart contract to certify your data.
Where can I get SNTR?
Decentralized cryptoexchanges

Here is a list of some public decentralized exchanges where you can purchase SNTR tokens

Classic cryptoexchanges

We are working with several exchanges to list SNTR tokens now. All info will be published here.
Telegram channel for discussing news related to exchanges and trading SNTR.
Distribution of SNTR tokens
92 332 447 051
Tokens in circulation
24 890
Freefloat (% of issued tokens in circulation)
Operational Fund
Purpose - future development, tests, listings, reserve for using alternate platforms.
Adress: 0x0058FaEC9c94486D52a8C4500219C313606b5530
Starting balance: 50 000 000 000 SNTR
ByteBall depository Fund
Tokens reserved for swap with Byteball assets.

Starting balance: 4 000 000 000 SNTR
Frozen tokens
To provide long-term stimulation, team tokens were frozen up to 3 years by special smart contract with vesting schedule.
Adress: 0x7052aD9Bbc671804616E2280059fb3113dCD735B
Starting balance: 50 000 000 000 SNTR
Burned tokens
Amount: 803 667 552 949

Burning TxHash:

Support service for tokens holders
If you have any questions or you are experiencing some difficulties, please fill out the form below.
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